Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wake up Girl!

before of everything else,
i wanna share.
i LOVE September 9, 2009. :)
peo i think NAPiLiTAN lng xa? :((
huhuhu:(( T-T
wg nmn sana!

i have a friend,
a very close friend.
OBSESSED with true friends,
one day she thinks she found the ryt FRiEND.
but after all this,
they communicate only at text.
ddnt talk to each other.
kahit nga ngitiian minsan lang eh!.
one tym my friend decided to broke their relationship
as bestfriend cos wla nmn patutunguhan.
She wants only they can be friends.
but the girl didnt understand it.
My friend make sorry & thanked to her.
but that girl regret all.
Her reason is...
"I am all alone, then you will left me more alone".
I hate it!!
after that.
di sila ngppncnan..
The girl changed.
I felt upset.
do u think its ryt???
but now, i know theyre okay.
but i started to be angry with her.
EVERYONE knows that she is the religious,
KIND, sweet, lovable girl in town.
but i think SHE's NOT THAT!
only my opinion,
only because of losing someone
She would change???
maybe , we're not close.
& its so wrong to judge her like that.
but My frend always worried bout her,
because of the pagbbgo n yan.
Can she feel that
mas mggng problema un???

i will finish n nga!