Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy 24th Birthday Joe Jonas

Joseph Adam Miller Jonas, a guy having three brothers and actually the second son of his parents. He seemed to be a simple celebrity or rock star to somebody but for me, HE'S THE DEFINITION OF PERFECTION! ♥ Totally and absolutely adore him for almost 7 years and it'll never faded or fall out.

When I was in my high school days, I'm not the only one who loves the Jonas Brothers. I have these couple of friends who also supports them. But now, time goes by, I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO STILL AND WILL BE FOREVER FAN OF THE BAND.

Jonas Brothers had a bright idea when they chose Philippines to be one of the countries they will consider in their Asian tour. AND I DIDN'T MISS IT! It's the only chance, the very first and maybe the last. I am so happy. So grateful, so fulfilled, so complete and Made my dreams come true. 

(PS: I also came to the Fan meeting of Joe Jonas - May 26, 2012 at Alabang Town Center) All this time is my favorite song because I think that it's a song from Joe to me. ♥ Somewhat assuming. Lol. Because the lyrics fits me. 

"I know you’ve been hurt before
But never say never, baby
Slow down, don’t close the door
You’ve been waiting forever, baby
See I know your heart’s been scarred
But you’ve come this far
So baby, don’t run away
I, know you’re close to giving up
I just want to give you love
And try to keep a smile on your face
So open your eyes and see that we belong together, hey yeah
Pleasant surprise you‘ll find that things can be much better

I, want to take you to a place
Where love is something more than you imagined, yeah
I, put it right in your face
Girl, it’s yours
All you got to do is reach out and grab it
You waited all this time
You waited all this time
I put it right in your face
Girl, it’s yours
All you got to do is reach out and grab it

See? It's soooo right!

I just want to share my addiction to the band. I'm overly attached and obsessed. Yet, I am proud. 

MY ONLY WISH is that Joe Jonas would read this blog and I can die. Lol. I want to tell him how much I love him with all my heart and no, never to replace him from any superstars. 

Happy Happy Birthday Joseph! It is wonderful to have a relationship with you for seven years eventhough I'm the only one who knows it. I'm always here supporting, loving and trusting the JONAS BROTHERS 'til the end of time. Please Notice! ♥

So much love. Mua Mua tsup tsup :*

Sunday, August 11, 2013


He is my best friend. And I'm proud!

Imulat ang Puso

It is a Filipino poem I made last August 3, 2013. I just want to express my love/feelings to someone who doesn't see me in every aspect and even efforts I made for him. I'm just hoping that for these thing, I can express my secret love. I know that 1 out of 10 is the only chance that he might read this. Jiiieyyyrabs ♥

Imulat mo naman ang mga mata mo, oh?
Baka sakaling makita mo ako.
Ang taong laging umiintindi at tumutulong sayo.
Lalo na't pag kailangan mo.

Susundin lahat ng trip mo.
Kahit ako ay magkandalokoloko.
Ganyan ang pagmamahal sayo.
Kahit bulag ang iyong mata at puso.

Ilang ulit na bang nagpapansin?
Pero wala pa ring dating.
Kaya ko namang tiisin.
Basta ba't may mararating.

Alam ang lahat tungkol sayo.
Daig pa ang mahal mo.
'di na ba mababago?
Hanggang dito nalang ba talaga ako?

Minamahal kita.
Kahit na ayaw nila
Patuloy pa ring ginagawa
Ang sayo'y makagaganda.

Tanga na kung tanga.
Pero ito ang nadarama.
Kelan ba matatamasa?
Ang mga salitang "Mahal kita?"

Pansinin mo naman ako.
'wag lang kaibigan ang trato.
Paganahin ang damdaming bato.
Nang maramdaman ang totoo.

Tayo'y tunay na magkasalungat.
Ngunit alam ng puso ko na ikaw ang karapat dapat.
Mata at puso'y imulat.
Nang isip mo ay pangalan ko na ang sinusulat.

Friday, August 2, 2013

My Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is my favorite cartoon character and I want it to be my nails. Lol

true love *-*

mickey | via Tumblr

Nails /


"It faints when your crush smiles at you and asks your name"

It's a picture of my closest friend Lindsay Alcantara together with this pretty handsome guy ever existing in this world... Van Kevin Mondragon. He's actually popular. From some people (sources), they all say that this guy is from other country and he's just back. He's a dancer. Totally freaking crowd when he dances. My Gad! He also take my breath away.

Will start to tell you a story about what happened yesterday (August 1, 2013). We had a seminar in our school. It talks about Love. He's there. Why? Because we are at the same course. Lindsay and I was totally attracted to him since the day he did something for school. HIS DANCE MOVES. ♥ During the seminar... Because of the kapraningan of Lindsay. She asks our classmate to poke Van, wherein sitting in front of her. I really hate that moment! NAKAKAHIYA. He glanced and smiled. After the seminar, Lindsay never let the opportunity be missed. But of course, with the help of our friends that keeps on teasing around.

And then, SHE MADE IT! Good Job Say :D

Hello there Say! Wave your hand!! Ü

I shall stare! | via Facebook

It fits for you LINDZYYY!

From the Youtube channel of Van Kevin. Here it is! Come on and subscribe!

Kathryn Bernardo

"Kathryn Bernardo in her Preview Magazine Cover"

She's the most beautiful girl in Philippines as of now, for me. She's been a great woman who can be a nice model to everyone in these new generation we are facing. She made my whole life so INSECURE! Oh well, Kidding :) I've been supporting her for almost a year. Keep doing great and idolize her.


The sad fact that you feel jealous about your crush. Just a crush. A big deal for me these days. So stupid!

.. | via Facebook

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart, follow what makes you happy, everything happens for a reason. You might not know that it is not meant for you because there is someone or something really fits you but you haven't seen him/her. Don't just give your all to someone who is not worth fighting for. Fight! Think! and Follow! That's all we can do.
She/He could be there but can also disappear without knowing any reason behind. It's like, Falling out of love. It's the worst thing we could ever feel. But we could not blame a person who falls out of love to us, it's not their fault. Maybe ours. Admit it or not. We are demanding, controlling, possessive or whatever sometimes. In that case, all we need to do is the hardest part. ACCEPTANCE.

2pac | via Facebook

Friday, July 26, 2013

Let go | via Facebook
What's wrong with that ?

Broken hearted  | via Tumblr




"Love is when two people know everything 

about each other and are still friends."


It hurts, but it shouldn't

When I look at you and your girlfriend, I'M DEAD INSIDE!

It's just a crush, I know. Just a crush. Nothing more. Only crush. but why? Why I feel this pain? It kills me. I don't want to feel this. "You Always Get Hurt The Moment You Begin To Care", I got that quote from somewhere. And it's really true. So take my advice. Don't ever get attached too much. Don't give your all. I also believe that daydreams were dangerous, because we think of what is impossible to happen. It's Ironic How Sometimes, The Harder You Want To Avoid Something, The Quicker It Will Get To You.

These songs... <3>

This song "Gilid" by Moonstar88 really reflects what I am now and my standing.

Ako Na Lang by Zia Quizon. This one is perfect. "Kung saan saan ka pa naghahanap, nandito lang naman ako, AKO NA LANG SANA"

But unfortunately, if something good happens. If the thing that I waited comes... It'll not work because some friends won't support and agree. It's hard to lose a friend just for these such things. It's sad, right?


But today, i'm complete! Favorited ♥Ü

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Selfieee ;')

I love taking pictures. I swear. I dunno. It made me feel so complete. Hihihi.
Maybe it's a habit.

No Title

Hindi ko kasi maexpress sa other sites available. Dito nalang! OMG! Hello there. I'm so happy. ;)))))))

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Singer Friends. ♥

I just want to promote my awwwwesome friends.
The Looks, they got it.
The Styles, they got it.
The voices, they own it.
TODAY! They would run it. :)
Check their soundcloud. Super two thumbs up.

Follow her. @jellsssss
Follow him. @iamjermytopacio


Friday, July 19, 2013

I AM ME. It's hard!

I don't know how to act like other girls did. It's me! Not showy. Simple. Go with the flow person. Only that. Only that. So don't expect more than what you think.

Photo: Smile :)

What do you want BOYS!?

I'm always the one who loves most. That's my problem - MOSTLY GIRLS!

I've been thinking every issues I've heard about love that is taken for granted. First and foremost. I AM NOT A MAN HATER! I just want to clarify that. I just hate what boys did just to hurt someone's feeling without realizing they're already punch and kick the heart away of a girl. Someone told me about her ex-boyfriend she really loves the most. The guy also loves her. I witnessed that, even though not in person but the way the guy told me about his girl. They already broke up because the guy told me that he's already tired to understand and understand the girl. He already sacrificed a lot and forgive, understand all the short comings and foolish stuffs the girl did. I understand the guy. But the thing that I hated is that somebody told me that these two persons had an intense affair that leads to a thing that should not be done. (You know it guys. I just don't want to express in nasty words).

The girl is wrong. the guy had mistakes. Mygad. Yes! I know you love that person but dont, dont, dont ever ever give in. It's the girl's loss, not the guy. But for the guy, if she really love a girl he would not try to abuse the girl's weakness. Every girl is weak when it comes into love. I just don't understand why guys love to be with the girl where he can take every thing he wanted. Even if it's the worst thing. TAKING FOR GRANTED.

I hope that all guys are open-minded. Try to put yourself to a girl's position. It's really hard to be a girl.

Goodbye My phone, Parrie.

Last July 17, 2013. I LOST MY PHONE. Huhuhu. Samsung C3303K. I know, it's not that techie. But we've been together for almost 3years. She's more than a bestfriend to me. A very useful and friendly phone. How I wish I could take her back. I cried. I cried and cried. It's too saad for me to lost a thing that is very important to me.

I will keep and treasure all our memories, Parrie. I will miss you. Sana lang yung nakakuha sayo, will take care of you the way I do. :'( Goodbye my phone! 

Friday, June 28, 2013

It's better like this. ♥

It feels so good when I saw the person makes me smile for no reason and feels glad that we are friends.
I've been thinking for almost weeks that there are something going between his thoughts. The things or the approaches he gave me. I also consulted some friends and they all said the same. "Iba yan! Aamin 'yan. Gusto ka din nyan." Whooooa! Even though it's bad to assume, that makes me feel warm.

Days after, counting every second he's doing those sweet approaches, still... I'm doing my part. But when he tell stories about his life, it's confirmed that nothing else comes across between his deeds. It's final. I KNOW. We're just friends. Sad to say but I'm proud and glad. Actually, I'm not just his friend, but his best friend that can trust. Feels so gooooood to know that. Not typically, bestfriend. As in long time relationship and know everything about his life and my life? No! If I need someone to talk to, if he needs too. We're still there for each other. Then after that, go on and separate ways because we have different circle of friends. We're not at the same road. I love hangouts. Yes. Truly. But him? He can die if he can't hangout a day. lol.

So that's my blog goes on. Friendship is still thicker. Cherish every moment. But I hope he's not using me and take me for granted and abuse my weaknesses. I know he can, but I think he can't. He respects me more than he respects other girls around him :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm a very friendly person. Actually, I can't manage them all. lol. Oh well, way back 4 years ago. I'm inlove with the couple of friends I have. I'm there "nanay" nga daw eh. I'm the leader, the person to ask some solutions to problems. So glad that I experienced that all.

But now... College life? Acting like a simple student of the section and school. A second year representative on your service. They all think that I can't manage. They all think that I can't do that. But actually, I know how. I just don't want to be recognized and make them feel I'm a bossy.

All is well, just want to express what I feel. Buti nalang, I have "LOTS" of inspiration at school. They all make me smile. Especially my top one crush. Super arte? Kasi may top one, not only one. Masarap maging free and make every cool guys your crush. hahaha.

That's all I can share for now. :)

-JBz (I love skater dude) ♥

What's the Purpose?

I have a crush with this guy. Actually, I know him. Kasi schoolmate and classmate. Ayoko ng masyadong bulgar but irritated na talaga ako sa ginagawa niya. Stupid me! He's making me fall like a raindrop falling from heaven. wow! Heavy. lol. Eh kasi naman, he always text me like there's no tomorrow because he needs something.. Minsan naman, he's paawa para maawa ako. LOL lang talaga. Nakakainis kasi... :P

Friday, March 15, 2013


Good Job guys :) A While ago, my teacher announced the people who are included in the final exam exemption. I really felt nervous but I know, I did my best doing this research about Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program. I was so shocked!! I super love it. We are included. Yey! All hardworks.. worth it! This was great. Thanks a lot :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Must be love

Isang tulog na lang! yey. We will do our very best to watch the film tomorrow. :)
Let's watch and support it!
Go Kath and DJ♥

Old Look (Ugliest!)

I swear to you guys, I'm the ugliest person you can see. So buckle up! Lol. I actually laughed when I'm browsing my old photos. Harsh! LOL. Take a look at some of it.

Before and After!
Go, laugh hard! My face is bad. So trying hard. err. but i love the after, that's me now.

So be ready, this is the ugliest picture you'll see in your life.

Wow ha. Too dark. lol. That's the time that I've found out how to curl my hair using my flat iron. But the face? Disgusting. lol. But here it is. 

This picture is my picture today. I tried to look some photos similar to my pose in my pictures above. Here's the very best I found.


Gandang 'di mo inakala. LOL. i love that words eh, from Vice Ganda. It's not that different but there's a changes. I wanna be a billionaire someday! What's the connection? Lol. Okay. So I'm just trying to have some fun. Ü


I can say that I'm a bit of a loner but that's okay with me. I can live my life without a boyfriend. I can spend a day with my friends. Even though a guy doesn't love me. It's fine. In our age, Age of youth, age of finding out, experimenting, discovering and being strong. We are not at the age of getting in a serious relationships or having a boyfriend. Yes! Girls can entertain guys because they are courting but not to the point that you'll answer him so easily. The guy must prove something so heavy. I know it's too old beliefs. Especially for us, to the youth of today but we are now in the generation like the liberation is coming out. Filipinos are conservative NOT liberated. We must keep that in mind. There are some instances that somebody feels alone although she got a lot of friends. We are all thinking those mind interruptions because we are letting them in. Would you mind to stop it? Would you mind to just focus into your studies. It's not bad. There's just a right time for that. We must enjoy being a teenager with our friends and nobody strings us down, right? I'm not against but I am reminding everybody that we must prioritize the things that are more important and set aside those who can wait at the right time. Enjoy being a youth! Make a difference!  

Halo Halo

Refreshments? Here's halo halo. Perfectly fits your cravings. Too hot these days so we must eat or drink super cooooooooold goods. Yeaaaah \m/ I ate halo halo today because it can help me release the heat inside my boooody. LOL. okay. So you must have one too.

Halo Halo is a popular dessert in the Philippines which means mixed shaved ice with evaporated milk and different sweet beans and fruits. So yummy! :)

I bought one a while ago. It's not expensive because I just bought it worth 20php. Not bad. It tastes good also. Come and try one.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Must Be Love (2 Days to Go!)

Must Be Love is an upcoming romantic-comedy film starring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. This is their first movie together as the lead roles. The Kathniels are getting hard every second they counted to this must seen movie of the two big stars of our generation.

This is a story of Patchot whose Ivan's best friend and suddenly he felt something different like she's falling in love to her best friend  There's a twist in the story because how would Ivan handle the situation when he's with somebody else and his best friend confess her feelings to him. We must watch this film guys!

Two more days before the big event! Good luck to Kath and DJ but surely, this film would become a blockbuster film. Mark your calendars. Let's watch it together. It's for the whole family, for barkadas, lovers, FOR EVERYONE!!

I am so excited for this movie. I'll watch it. I promise.

March 13 na guys! Yeeeah :)

Ribbons ♥

I'm totally inlove with ribbons. They made my day. always! So i will post lots of pictures about ribbon huh.

I want this. A bun with ribbon. I am hoping to have different styles and colors of ribbon for myself.

ULTIMATELY! Truly Madly Deeply Inlove..

Gift giving! yeheeey.

Yanlahim (Dynamic Teen Company)

Yanlahim! I just remember the kariton Revolution. So fun! I missed my yanlahim group. I am one of the Volunteer at DTC but i stopped volunteering since I enter college. Too busy to handle. Sad. But I am doing my very best to still keep in touch in some activities they are pursuing. Keep on Pushing guys!

Wanna know more about DTC?

Be A Volunteer and start making a difference! Follow the steps of Kuya Efren Peñaflorida...
We, the youth must make a difference... NOW! 

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Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake of my friends. I am the one who take that video and credits to my gwaps.. (Alfie) for editing this video. Hihi. Have some fun.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Siklab Magdalo!

I voted last Friday for the new set of Supreme Student Council. I voted straight. MAGDALO! I decided to go with them because they have the simplest and POSSIBLE platform unlike the Piglas. Actually, I don't understand the meaning of what they want the school could be. So impossible and they also acted in school like they're good and very disciplined ones. Too many words than actions. Fortunately, Magdalo won! Straight! Except from the VP Internal, if I'm not mistaken. Good Job and Goodluck Guys!

Done and all good

Thankyou for making me laugh when I'd almost forgotten how to. So great! Everything's perfectly fine. All efforts, all hard works it resulted in a good way. Thank You Lord. I am proud to be a Sebastinian. I actually performed my dance for the PE good. Not perfect, ofcourse. Thanks you. And also I need to rest for the upcoming finals. yiiip. Gogogo. I can do it!

Friday, March 8, 2013



Kathryn Chandria M. Bernardo and Daniel John Ford Padilla

The two persons living in the same industry with it's booming career. Kathryn is a very charming girl that can make her to be adored by everybody. On the other side, his partner or love team rather, is a very good-looking man for every girls out there including me. The looks, he got 'em! There's no doubt on it. We Love Daniel because he's sweet and a loving son, a hardworking person for his family. He fears GOD which is the most important thing. He's also caring, boyfriend? He must!

Kathryn Bernardo is a child star and included in the Goin' Bulilit before, but Daniel isn't. He's just a simple guy wherein he's mother is Karla Estrada who worked in the showbiz industry before.

I would describe them as a good love team because they're pulling each other up. As I can see, they observe their limitations. They're never get tired of all those freakin' fans who were following them in every second of their loves. Maybe, sometimes, they might feel that they are good and up or praised by others. For me, it's natural because they're famous but they must keep their feet at the ground. They should keep humble in every aspects of their lives and must keep in touch with God always.

For the haters, they can hate and hate but is there's something worth after doing it? You guys must accept the fact that these two persons are in a very big star dome right now and it's really hard to level anyone against them right? We must be happy for them.

For Kath and DJ, all of this are not forever, so you must keep holding on on what you have right now and also take care of the place you are in. Accept every little mistakes or changes that will come through in your life. Everything will change. There's no forever in a certain stand. :)

-Renzi Arriola

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