Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I can say that I'm a bit of a loner but that's okay with me. I can live my life without a boyfriend. I can spend a day with my friends. Even though a guy doesn't love me. It's fine. In our age, Age of youth, age of finding out, experimenting, discovering and being strong. We are not at the age of getting in a serious relationships or having a boyfriend. Yes! Girls can entertain guys because they are courting but not to the point that you'll answer him so easily. The guy must prove something so heavy. I know it's too old beliefs. Especially for us, to the youth of today but we are now in the generation like the liberation is coming out. Filipinos are conservative NOT liberated. We must keep that in mind. There are some instances that somebody feels alone although she got a lot of friends. We are all thinking those mind interruptions because we are letting them in. Would you mind to stop it? Would you mind to just focus into your studies. It's not bad. There's just a right time for that. We must enjoy being a teenager with our friends and nobody strings us down, right? I'm not against but I am reminding everybody that we must prioritize the things that are more important and set aside those who can wait at the right time. Enjoy being a youth! Make a difference!  

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