Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Old Look (Ugliest!)

I swear to you guys, I'm the ugliest person you can see. So buckle up! Lol. I actually laughed when I'm browsing my old photos. Harsh! LOL. Take a look at some of it.

Before and After!
Go, laugh hard! My face is bad. So trying hard. err. but i love the after, that's me now.

So be ready, this is the ugliest picture you'll see in your life.

Wow ha. Too dark. lol. That's the time that I've found out how to curl my hair using my flat iron. But the face? Disgusting. lol. But here it is. 

This picture is my picture today. I tried to look some photos similar to my pose in my pictures above. Here's the very best I found.


Gandang 'di mo inakala. LOL. i love that words eh, from Vice Ganda. It's not that different but there's a changes. I wanna be a billionaire someday! What's the connection? Lol. Okay. So I'm just trying to have some fun. Ü

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