Friday, June 28, 2013

It's better like this. ♥

It feels so good when I saw the person makes me smile for no reason and feels glad that we are friends.
I've been thinking for almost weeks that there are something going between his thoughts. The things or the approaches he gave me. I also consulted some friends and they all said the same. "Iba yan! Aamin 'yan. Gusto ka din nyan." Whooooa! Even though it's bad to assume, that makes me feel warm.

Days after, counting every second he's doing those sweet approaches, still... I'm doing my part. But when he tell stories about his life, it's confirmed that nothing else comes across between his deeds. It's final. I KNOW. We're just friends. Sad to say but I'm proud and glad. Actually, I'm not just his friend, but his best friend that can trust. Feels so gooooood to know that. Not typically, bestfriend. As in long time relationship and know everything about his life and my life? No! If I need someone to talk to, if he needs too. We're still there for each other. Then after that, go on and separate ways because we have different circle of friends. We're not at the same road. I love hangouts. Yes. Truly. But him? He can die if he can't hangout a day. lol.

So that's my blog goes on. Friendship is still thicker. Cherish every moment. But I hope he's not using me and take me for granted and abuse my weaknesses. I know he can, but I think he can't. He respects me more than he respects other girls around him :)