Sunday, September 7, 2014

Feelings of Confession

If we fall in love, maybe we'll sing this song as one. ❤

To all the boys who can't admit their feelings. To all the girls who can't confess their feelings.

What's your plan? Is it the end? Will you just put on those feelings kept? Isn't sad that you can't have the person you really want to? Hmm. So many questions but no answers.

It's hard to confess your feelings to a guy especially if he's not open-minded. I've been with that situation and still, I cannot do a step forward to tell him how I really feel because I know that he's playing around and not that ready for a serious "relationship" Everyone's telling me that I should let him know, maybe he felt the same way too but also scared to let it free.

As a Filipina girl, I have that perception about the feelings. I will not confess! Ever! I will just wait for his confession if it's mutual and if not, then okay. It just fall like this.

But it's all about our own decision. If you know you can face it, then go. Take the risk and be happy. If you're the guy who's afraid of telling the girl your feelings. Don't be. Because you're a man! A man enough to accept rejections and happiness. Don't think that 'i will just hurt her, i am not worthy of her' if you are in that thinking. Then, make a way. Make a way and an effort to deserve her. Don't do anything that can hurt her because you love her.

ADVICE: DON'T RUSH THINGS. Everything has its own time just don't be too late. 😍😳😓

Quotes/Sayings - "RENZI ARRIOLA"

Appreciate everything you have because one day you'll just realize that all sacrifices are worth it.

Accept everything and your innermost thoughts would be lighter to carry.

Be glad if you are the bestfriend because there's no other girl that can replace you to his heart.

Being the bestfriend is a wonderful thing but if you fall, it's the most painful thing in the world.

Not anyone can get my spot. Not anyone can change our relationship. Not anyone can put on walls between us. Not anyone can be me. Because I am your bestfriend, the one who will never ever breaks up on you and forever we'll never be apart. ❤

Don't question anythinh that happens to you because it's your choice to make a decision and come up to that result.

The world is surrounded by choices, it is our decision to choose the right one. Don't blame anyone from your mistake because it's your choice to fail.