Friday, October 17, 2014

Stop the Feelings

What am I feeling? I feel so afraid to continue what I am feeling. Di ko alam kung kaya ko ba 'to icontinue.

These past few days, I have this doubts, hesitations and questions about what is the real score of my heartstrings. It just came. Suddenly, I started to feel affected, jealous, demanding. I don't know why.

Before, we've been through this everyday agenda. We do it for so long and it just happened that I feel something weird. I started to feel some butterflies inside my stomach and I can't help it. I don't want and I don't want. You know why? Because I can't lose him. I won't.

Everyday I am praying that my babee would also fall inlove with me, he's the one telling me to STOP DAYDREAMING OF WHAT YOU OBVIOUSLY KNOW WILL NOT HAPPEN. From every moment I wish that Babee must do this to me, must appreciate me. He's the one fulfilling it. He's the one who never bothered to be with me, never stop listening to my pointless dramas. He make some time for me, he treats me. Maybe he's just my REAL bestfriend. My true bestfriend whom I should put my time and efforts first. And I am thankful that he's there. <3 p="">
But lately, I feel so affected. I hate it. Pag pinagpatuloy ko 'to. Hohopia nanaman ako. Kaya sana di na matuloy kasi alam ko naman ako nanaman ang mahuhulog wala namang sasambot. Lol.