Monday, July 27, 2015


Maybe someday, I'll carry those guts to say it to you. At the right time, right place and right moment.
So please, Wait. ♥

Parting Attachment

Eyes kept close for a time,   
   moments changed just like a crime;
Clueless of the outcome,   
   falling tears to mount.
What's happened to our promise?   
   do I need to please?
Many questions in my head,  
   imaginations and happiness we're dead.
Where are you?   
   does emotion we gained, ended too?
I don't know what to act,   
   maybe I must start to crack;
Goodbye is what I never meant
   but in the end, it's you who we're bent.

-Renzi Arriola (07-05-15)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blameless Thoughts

An innocent guy
    who captures my day;
A moment from fate,
    to a feelings infatuate;
Expressive feeling so cling,
    never to hide and come up fling.
Emotions unknown and not revealed,
    forever to keep, my eyes be filled.

Renzi Arriola (06-21-15)

A poem made out of inspiration from an innocent guy who always made my day.