Saturday, August 13, 2016

So Close... Chance

Every moment that I am here,
Standing in front of you, so clear.
My mind is saying please not to cheer
'cause you'll never stay, my dear.

You lighten up my everyday
and all your jokes that never fail,
made me feel that I'm insane.
I am happy to hear you say.

You let me realize my worth,
that I don't deserve a jerk.
Feels like I'm a baby danger
seeing your eyes in me that pause.

This is a feeling that I like,
not love, but it can make me shy.
It is not right, we both know why.
'cause we're just enjoying the skies.

You're a memory that matters.
Thanks for reminding forever.
I'll keep in mind that I'm better.
So close... we're just a wrong timing partner.