Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Brave Truth

The guy who makes me sad always,
keeping his own beliefs in chains.
There's nothing I can do to chase.
Everything seems perfect but breaks.

Believing in myself is knot.
It isn't the key to make shot
but I am still finding in cart
How to learn and let myself shout.

You're the yellow in my paper,
the important thing I can't share.
My memories will flatter,
I am still the one in shatter.

Words are still playing with questions.
Stumble to find out emotions.
Feelings are losing per motion,
hoping it's the right decision.

Goodbye, I am tired of everything.
I don't have space for accepting.
I will not let myself kept hanging,
I love you but it's the ending.



I'm Still Into You

The person behind my writings
   is still the reason why I write.
Now, I realized everything,
   he still doesn't want me at all.

A friend, friend, friend, that's all I am.
I will never be promoted
And never want to put on shame,
   'coz this intuition is dead.

I'm always here, waving my hand
Trying everything to remark
But all my efforts we're banned
   because she's all you see, that spark.

I'm sorry I am not enough
and I know I made you think hard
But I just want to tell you half,
that I love you with all my heart.