Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm a very friendly person. Actually, I can't manage them all. lol. Oh well, way back 4 years ago. I'm inlove with the couple of friends I have. I'm there "nanay" nga daw eh. I'm the leader, the person to ask some solutions to problems. So glad that I experienced that all.

But now... College life? Acting like a simple student of the section and school. A second year representative on your service. They all think that I can't manage. They all think that I can't do that. But actually, I know how. I just don't want to be recognized and make them feel I'm a bossy.

All is well, just want to express what I feel. Buti nalang, I have "LOTS" of inspiration at school. They all make me smile. Especially my top one crush. Super arte? Kasi may top one, not only one. Masarap maging free and make every cool guys your crush. hahaha.

That's all I can share for now. :)

-JBz (I love skater dude) ♥

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