Friday, August 2, 2013


"It faints when your crush smiles at you and asks your name"

It's a picture of my closest friend Lindsay Alcantara together with this pretty handsome guy ever existing in this world... Van Kevin Mondragon. He's actually popular. From some people (sources), they all say that this guy is from other country and he's just back. He's a dancer. Totally freaking crowd when he dances. My Gad! He also take my breath away.

Will start to tell you a story about what happened yesterday (August 1, 2013). We had a seminar in our school. It talks about Love. He's there. Why? Because we are at the same course. Lindsay and I was totally attracted to him since the day he did something for school. HIS DANCE MOVES. ♥ During the seminar... Because of the kapraningan of Lindsay. She asks our classmate to poke Van, wherein sitting in front of her. I really hate that moment! NAKAKAHIYA. He glanced and smiled. After the seminar, Lindsay never let the opportunity be missed. But of course, with the help of our friends that keeps on teasing around.

And then, SHE MADE IT! Good Job Say :D

Hello there Say! Wave your hand!! Ü

I shall stare! | via Facebook

It fits for you LINDZYYY!

From the Youtube channel of Van Kevin. Here it is! Come on and subscribe!

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