Friday, July 19, 2013

I AM ME. It's hard!

I don't know how to act like other girls did. It's me! Not showy. Simple. Go with the flow person. Only that. Only that. So don't expect more than what you think.

Photo: Smile :)

What do you want BOYS!?

I'm always the one who loves most. That's my problem - MOSTLY GIRLS!

I've been thinking every issues I've heard about love that is taken for granted. First and foremost. I AM NOT A MAN HATER! I just want to clarify that. I just hate what boys did just to hurt someone's feeling without realizing they're already punch and kick the heart away of a girl. Someone told me about her ex-boyfriend she really loves the most. The guy also loves her. I witnessed that, even though not in person but the way the guy told me about his girl. They already broke up because the guy told me that he's already tired to understand and understand the girl. He already sacrificed a lot and forgive, understand all the short comings and foolish stuffs the girl did. I understand the guy. But the thing that I hated is that somebody told me that these two persons had an intense affair that leads to a thing that should not be done. (You know it guys. I just don't want to express in nasty words).

The girl is wrong. the guy had mistakes. Mygad. Yes! I know you love that person but dont, dont, dont ever ever give in. It's the girl's loss, not the guy. But for the guy, if she really love a girl he would not try to abuse the girl's weakness. Every girl is weak when it comes into love. I just don't understand why guys love to be with the girl where he can take every thing he wanted. Even if it's the worst thing. TAKING FOR GRANTED.

I hope that all guys are open-minded. Try to put yourself to a girl's position. It's really hard to be a girl.

Goodbye My phone, Parrie.

Last July 17, 2013. I LOST MY PHONE. Huhuhu. Samsung C3303K. I know, it's not that techie. But we've been together for almost 3years. She's more than a bestfriend to me. A very useful and friendly phone. How I wish I could take her back. I cried. I cried and cried. It's too saad for me to lost a thing that is very important to me.

I will keep and treasure all our memories, Parrie. I will miss you. Sana lang yung nakakuha sayo, will take care of you the way I do. :'( Goodbye my phone!