Monday, May 4, 2015


College is all about surviving. It is the road of every person aiming to become successful. Some individuals depend on their colleges or university names while others depend on what they can improve and deliver to school yet also to themselves that will make them reach the higher level. High school graduate students are at the peak of being ready for the next school year. Students are thinking of their future when they commit to a certain university/college. Some of them are being excited to explore their skills like leadership, academic, outdoor or indoor sports and more extracurricular activities. Each one of us has our own experience and stories about surviving college. I started to become a college student after I graduated high school which was June 2012. I haven’t experience to take an entrance exam and test my knowledge if I was qualified. I haven’t experience cramming in finding the college/university that suits me. Most especially, I haven’t experience finding difficulty while searching a course that will match my strengths, abilities and skills. There are many reasons why did that happen to me simply because I was stuck in a college where my mom and dad finished their degrees and also due to its convenient location. In that case, I have only one choice to choose a course and that is to know what the college offers are.  I have my two choices: INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING and MARKETING MANAGEMENT. It’s funny because the two courses are total opposite but that’s what my mind wants. One of my choices is industrial engineering because “ENGINEERING” is a big word and a heavy tone for the ear. Another reason choosing industrial rather than other engineering courses is because IE doesn’t require taking a board exam after graduate. It will not make my heart pounding in months. I thought of myself to be called “Engr. Renzi Arriola”. At some point, I felt doubtful because I remember all of my experiences taking the subject calculus when I was in high school. That is my greatest fear. I got 88 at calculus before and I admit that it’s not my 100% answers. I just rely on my classmates answers (so, I thanks to you classmates! You’re the best!). Just to be clear, I love Math more than you think (specifically Algebra). It’s just I don’t adore Calculus. Obviously I chose Marketing Management as my permanent course. It’s not what I want but I made myself loving the course. In the first semester, I find the course simple, not that easy but tolerated. Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying my career path course. The course made me aim to be one of the top students in our organization and it happened. I contributed a lot to my organization and the story about me and my organization (Junior Marketing Association) continues. My first year went well except one subject in second semester which is Accounting 2 (Partnership and Corporation). I gave my best and my exemplary effort because my purpose when I stepped in second year college is to have an academic scholarship in my school. The scholarship would really help my parents fulfilling my expenses and tuition fee. Unfortunately, I got 84 in Accounting. It’s a suspicious grade for me because when I was in my first semester Accounting 1, I got a perfect grade 95 (1.0). It’s not only the scholarship that my professor took away but also a one-time chance to graduate with flying colors. All of my defenses went down, my hope, my self-esteem and my confident. That is the worst moment I experienced so far but I know that it’s not the end. I stood up and continue my journey as an honor student. Even though I didn’t obtain my purpose, I got it after my first semester in second-year. Fortunately, not just 50% or 75% but a hundred percent and it made my parents proud and happy. I continued what I started up to my third year college and will also continue it up to the last moment of being a student. I will be a graduating student soon and hopefully to graduate this March 2016. It’s not the end of my journey but it will be the start. It will be the beginning of my reality engaging to a real and difficult world. I’m not yet ready but I know that I will be ready and follow my dreams someday. Huge thanks to my college, San Sebastian College – Recoletos de Cavite. I know most of the people outside our city will discriminate my school. But I know that it’s the best school that molded me into who I am today. It teaches me how to be a student and a real corporate woman. It blows me out on the things that are hidden to me. It forms me to be an adjustable person in the working environment. And especially, it manufactures me to be a qualified person in every aspect of opportunities around us. It’s all I to offer my college every detail and every small things that it offers me and helps me to be me. Thank You Baste! You’ll always be the best school not just by the name but mostly by the students engaging in and focusing of what to discover among themselves and become a brighter and better person he/she could ever be.