Friday, March 8, 2013



Kathryn Chandria M. Bernardo and Daniel John Ford Padilla

The two persons living in the same industry with it's booming career. Kathryn is a very charming girl that can make her to be adored by everybody. On the other side, his partner or love team rather, is a very good-looking man for every girls out there including me. The looks, he got 'em! There's no doubt on it. We Love Daniel because he's sweet and a loving son, a hardworking person for his family. He fears GOD which is the most important thing. He's also caring, boyfriend? He must!

Kathryn Bernardo is a child star and included in the Goin' Bulilit before, but Daniel isn't. He's just a simple guy wherein he's mother is Karla Estrada who worked in the showbiz industry before.

I would describe them as a good love team because they're pulling each other up. As I can see, they observe their limitations. They're never get tired of all those freakin' fans who were following them in every second of their loves. Maybe, sometimes, they might feel that they are good and up or praised by others. For me, it's natural because they're famous but they must keep their feet at the ground. They should keep humble in every aspects of their lives and must keep in touch with God always.

For the haters, they can hate and hate but is there's something worth after doing it? You guys must accept the fact that these two persons are in a very big star dome right now and it's really hard to level anyone against them right? We must be happy for them.

For Kath and DJ, all of this are not forever, so you must keep holding on on what you have right now and also take care of the place you are in. Accept every little mistakes or changes that will come through in your life. Everything will change. There's no forever in a certain stand. :)

-Renzi Arriola

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