Monday, August 24, 2015

Unrequited Encounter

Important companion before,
   who turned butterflies in the core.
Silently wishing to honor
   those feelings doesn't want to pour.

I know there's no turning back,
   to all my feelings that were flock.
Love cannot return like a clock,
   so appreciate 'til it's blank.

Questions in mind always playing,
   how to start story from staying?
Afraid to find out sensibly,
   the answers of clueless dreaming.

I'm just another girl for you,
   whom you can lean when you need clue.
Tears falling down, doesn't know who.
I loved quietly but stuck too.

It's time I must say my own thoughts,
I loved you before it was caught.
Kept my emotion, not to fought,
'coz I know we differ in thought.

It was a poem I made last July 14, 2015. So far, this is my favorite work of mine. It speaks what my mouth cannot. It's all my unpoken words and unspoken feelings. I know and I already accepted the fact that I'm just an imagination and an option to your kind of world.